Sunny Day in Santa Monica

santa monica is one of our favorite places. i don’t know if riley remembers this, but one night while we were dating, we sat in the sand on this beach and he asked me what kind of ring i wanted! of course i was excited to show him my entire wedding pinterest board ;) the pier and 3rd street may be pretty touristy, but it’s hard for us to resist! luckily, the day we went was pretty much empty! we just did some window shopping and spent a lot of time in my favorite anthropologie ;) we also found the best little pizza place as we were walking to the pier. it was possibly the best new york style pizza i’ve had since being in new york! we got to the end of the pier and saw a cute sea lion swimming around! one of the fishers dropped a fish to him and i got a shot right as he caught it ;) i love these perfect california winter days! i can’t wait to get back there this weekend, especially to see the green landscape after all of the rain they’ve had!

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