Santa Monica Mountains

i realize this pictures are from a looong time ago but the draft has been sitting here forever so i think it’s time to publish them ;) plus i mainly post on here for the memories so why not! this was a little hike we did in california with my high school friend, vaughn. riley had never met him so i was excited for them to finally get to hang out! i was also excited to go on a hike when we are home…i’ve probably said this before but i love being outside when i’m in california. this was a simple hike and the views were incredible! it was windy at the top but it was sunny and clear! we were able to see camarillo, westlake, thousand oaks, and of course the ocean! i loved it up there. i love my california home! we got super lucky because as soon as we got to the car when we were done with the hike, the clouds rolled in and it started pouring rain! it was amazing timing.