Omaha’s Little Secret

Whenever we have a few days off of work, we ask each other, “where are we going this week?” But sometimes, our schedules don’t line up which was the case when i went to omaha. i knew i still wanted to go somewhere so i asked my best friend chelsey if i could hang out with her and her cute babies for a few days! i’m so glad i did! it was my first time to nebraska and any of the central states. and i finally got to meet her baby girl, quinn! i loved having girl time and talking about everything going on in our lives! i also loved hanging with sean and wish riley could have been there for some guy time! i even tried riding a hover board for the first time and it was an epic fail haha! i couldn’t stop laughing and i lose all strength when i start laughing :)

^^^jude getting splashed by the waterfall as he crossed the bridge :)

nebraska was freeeezing cold. sunny, but cold and windy. they live practically down the street from the omaha zoo which is the largest zoo in the world! who would ever think that omaha nebraska would have the largest zoo and one of the top 10 in the country, right?! i was a bit worried that we’d be freezing all day but surprisingly, there were a ton of exhibits indoors! i was so impressed with this zoo and want to go back this spring with riley when it’s a bit warmer and more lively ;) jude is my favorite little 3 year old ever. he was so excited to show me the “desert dome” and “kingdoms of the night” exhibit. it was seriously so cool! inside this dome, there is a desert, rainforest, swamp, bat cave, and a bunch more that i can’t even remember. i loved seeing a newborn baby monkey (above) and the tiger cubs! i can’t wait to go back in the next couple of months!