Road Trip to Ocean Shores

when our friend stephen was in town, we wanted to do something new and fun so we decided to take a road trip to the washington coast! it was my first time so i was excited! we stopped at the the state capitol in olympia first. it was a cool building with an impressive christmas tree! we bought some goodies for family at the visitor center than got back on the road. along the way, we realized we’d be driving through aberdeen which is where kurt cobain grew up! we took a little detour to see where kurt spent a lot of time and to see his childhood home. it was a small, run down town. it made a lot of sense that grunge and nirvana were born there. living in seattle, it’s basically required to know everything about nirvana so this stop was practically required ;)

ocean shores is on a little peninsula full of really cute beach homes. it’s a quiet town but maybe that’s because we went in the dead of winter ;) we found a spot to park and had to walk quite a ways through some brush that made me feel like we were in north carolina. koda was ridiculously excited and made a bee line for the beach. it was freezing cold but so beautiful! all of the colors were muted and calm and the sand was glassy from the water. maybe five minutes after getting to the beach, we saw a bald eagle swoop into the water and pick up a fish! we were amazed and tried to slowly walk up to where he was standing on the beach, but every time we got close, he’d fly away. it was so cool though! koda loved running around all of the little sandpiper birds and playing fetch! he even made a friend when a local man came to the beach with his pup. it was fun talking to him about salmon fishing and he gave us a recommendation for a mexican restaurant that we enjoyed at the end of our day. enjoy these pretty photos from our day at the beach! i’m not even going to apologize for the amount of photos of koda…he’s just too cute ;)

^^^if you look closely, you might spot the bald eagle right as he caught the fish!

when we got home, we built a fire, played machi koro, and made homemade donuts! the ones that were cooked all the way through (haha) were delicious! they were easy and quick to make, we’ll definitely be making them again soon! it was such a fun day. there’s nothing better than spending time with friends and seeing new places!