while brianna and my mom were in town for christmas, we took a day trip to leavenworth, since they hadn’t been there before. it was the day after christmas so it was insanely busy, but the christmas spirit was still high (even if it was freezing cold). koda was also being a huge pain on the drive there and decided to sit on my lap so he could get closer to the front haha. but it’s fun to take him to leavenworth since a lot of places are dog friendly. anyway, the christmas decorations, lights, and snow made for a great after-christmas trip. i was so happy when it started to snow! it felt like an even more magical place/ like we were in a snow globe!  we hoped to go on a sleigh ride but ran out of time, so hopefully we’ll do that next winter. we had a delicious brunch at Louie’s Cafe. i had the monte cristo (almost as good as the one at the blue bayou) and everyone else had french toast, eggs benedict, and biscuits and gravy. this place was delicious but we got seated right by the door which made for a freezing experience! i think the highlight of the day was eating some dang good german sausages outside in the snow. there’s a walk-up restaurant called Munchen Haus with outdoor picnic tables and heaters, and some tables with fire pits in the middle of them! it was a fun way to end the night! they also had amazing pretzels! earlier in the day, we tried pretzels at a different location and they weren’t great so these ones saved the day. Next month, we’re headed to europe!! i can’t wait to go to a real European town rather than these fake american ones ;)