Off the Beaten Path

on one of our days in san francisco, we met up with some friends in the city. two of them live there (but travel all the time, they are fellow non-revers) and one was moving there that day from nyc! so luke and becca were ready to show us all a good time! luke suggested we drive a little ways to the cypress tunnel that he had seen pictures of. it was an hour and a half drive but we got out of the rain and it was an incredible drive. it felt like we weren’t even in california anymore! we drove through a mossy forest on a windy road then it opened up to wide open hills with low mist looming. as we saw a rainbow and an incredible golden sky, we noticed in the distance a patch of trees and knew we had arrived. we were freaking out when we drove up because it was so insanely cool. at the end of the cypress tunnel, there was even a “american horror story-esque” mansion! it was spooky and amazing. we took a ton of of photos, including some pretty hipster group photos (haha). then we walked toward the mansion which turned out not to be a mansion but an old radio station that was very mysterious. we kept walking because there was an unbelievable sunset happening and we wanted better views of it. we found a sketchy fence with cows and deer grazing behind it. everything in the setting seemed sketchy which made for an even better adventure. i couldn’t stop taking photos as the sky changed every second. it was one of the most amazing sunsets i’d ever seen! i didn’t edit any of the sunset photos here! we were so happy that we had left the city for this experience! afterwards, we ate dinner at a puerto rican restaurant called sol. we ordered a bunch of plates and shared. it was such an amazing night that i think we’ll all remember for a long time. i loved meeting new friends that i instantly felt comfortable with and then having such a fun day with them. i just wished riley was there because we kept talking about travel and airplanes, he would have loved it!