Flying into 2017

Happy New Year! These photos are from Riley’s first flight! He has always dreamed of becoming a pilot so he wanted to do his discovery flight which I was able to come to! It was a drizzly cloudy day so we had to watch the weather until the clouds lifted. It was our first time in a Cessna 172 so I didn’t know what to expect but it was a breeze! I didn’t even feel claustrophobic! We flew all over Seattle. It was amazing seeing the city from above but so much closer than you can get in a typical airplane. It was also so interesting hearing our instructor talking to the control tower in all of their codes and numbers…I couldn’t keep up at all haha. It’s crazy because the pilot has to repeat everything the control tower says to confirm that he heard them. I don’t know how they remember what they said though! This and the fact that I’m blind is why I’ll never be a pilot ;) I can’t wait for Riley to become a pilot someday, even if it is just his private license.

^^^u.w. huskies stadium and campus

I have always disliked New Years because I hate saying goodbye to the good times of the previous year. But I’m so excited for what’s to come in 2017 that I can’t be sad about leaving 2016 behind! There were definitely a lot of ups and downs but I think we’ll remember the ups the most! Some of my favorite moments were traveling to 16¬†states, getting my first design clients, discovering¬†each main hawaii island, visiting family and friends, and being able to say we survived a full year in seattle!

What are some of your dreams and goals for 2017?! Let’s just say, next year we’ll be adding some new countries to our map!