Christmas Traditions

traditions are so much fun around the holidays. i have loved making new ones with riley although it gets tricky with our traveling and always being somewhere different on christmas day. it feels like time goes by so quickly around this time of year and i find myself feeling stressed that we won’t get all of our traditions in in time!

one tradition that riley and i started with our first christmas together was going to find a real christmas tree (no faux over here!). but last year, we started the tradition of cutting down our own tree! i almost broke tradition this year because i really wanted to get a flocked tree. we went to the lot where they sell flocked trees and saw the price tag ($80 and up) and said nevermind! i was a little sad but became happy again when we started searching for a perfect gimpy tree to chop down. we got an amazing deal too, $9.95 for a turkish fir! we went to the same farm as last year and had fun seeing the farm animals and just breathing in the scent of christmas trees! playing my favorite christmas playlist added to the christmas spirit already happening! i posted my updated christmas playlist (the best around!) below! the only thing that would really complete the day would be snow! ;) for some reason, tying a christmas tree to the top of the car never gets easier. we even tried googling it and couldn’t figure it out haha! luckily, we got it home safely and now it’s sitting (er, standing) pretty in our festive living room!

what are some of your favorite christmas traditions? this year, we are hosting christmas for the first time! i can’t wait for my mom and sister to come to town soon. i’m also excited for them to experience a seattle winter so that someone will understand just how dreary the weather is in the winter ;) happy sunday!!

we’ve been singing and dancing to this playlist since thanksgiving! enjoy!