A Winter Hike in Autumn

on a super sunny day in october, we headed to the mountains to take a hike! i was hoping to see fall trees like you do when you go into the mountains in utah, but apparently washington’s mountains are strictly pine trees. that’s fine though. we drove higher and higher, until we had insane views of mt. rainier! it was freezing cold temps and we had a little difficulty finding the trail (we walked in a circle and ended up back at the car haha). Luckily, the sun was shining bright which warmed us right up. we soon started seeing some snow and at one point it was a little winter wonderland! it was a nice surprise and got us excited for winter! koda also absolutely loved running around in the snow! i hope we can take him to the snow more often this winter. it was an easy hike in a gorgeous setting. the peak had incredible 360 degree views, including rainier and the cascade mountains! we had a little lunch while we tried not to freeze ;) i don’t know what it was about this hike, but i enjoyed every minute of it! actually, it must have been the sunshine! i’ll be honest, i’m a complainer when it comes to hiking. but although it was a frigid day, i had a blast with riley and koda! it was definitely the last hike like this until spring so it was nice to do it before the weather got too bad! i have some video footage to share from this hike but i haven’t put it together yet. one of these days!