New England Roadtrip

as soon as we got off the plane early in the morning, we went straight downtown to get some grub. i found this little (i mean tiny) sandwich place that blew us away! it’s called mike and patty’s. it is in a cute little corner of the city and is clearly a local joint. we got there right in time too, because as soon as we ordered, there was a huge line and the place got cramped super fast since it’s so small and it was freezing outside! we ordered some cold apple cider (some of the best i’ve ever had), the “fancy” sandwich, and the “goldmine” sandwich. probably some of our favorite sandwiches we’ve ever had from anywhere!! it was a great way to start our boston adventure!

^^^i had a hermione moment when i saw this photo…”is that really what my hair looks like from the back?” haha! and riley is just getting ready for his beauty shots ;)

The main reason we initially wanted to go to Boston was to check some items off of Riley’s bucket list. His goal is to go to or hike to all 50 states’ high points. Going to Boston meant we could hit 3 in one day! So that was the plan for our first day in New England. We took the red eye flight so this was a perfect activity to take it easy and get over the jet lag. Our first stop was Rhode Island. We were shocked to find out how close it was to Boston! This high point was only a short walk from the road and the elevation was 812 feet. Now that I could do! ;)  when we got to the spot, there was a cool little set up with a box where you could log your name. we then drove through Connecticut for a bit (I missed the sign to get a picture) until we got to New York! We were driving along when suddenly it looked like it was snowing. We thought there was no way, but then the flakes started get bigger and it was sticking to the ground! It was crazy! Our fall drive turned into a winter wonderland so quickly and I loved it! We drove through a few small towns that were the cutest, prettiest, and most quaint towns I’ve ever seen. I wanted to get out to explore them but we didn’t want to run out of time so I wrote down their names so we can go back someday :) we were so close to the New York high point when ahead we saw signs that the road was closed! The bridge was torn down and there was no way around it. It was so sad when we had to turn around! (But more reason to come back to check out those towns, right?) So, we started heading towards the next one in Massachusetts. We were nervous because it kept snowing and we were clearly going higher into the mountains. As luck would have it, the road to get to the next one was also closed!! we couldn’t believe it! it was part of a national park so we went into the visitor center and they told us it was closed because of the snow and was about a mile hike to where we wanted to go. That wouldn’t have been so bad if we were prepared to hike in the snow! So, sadly we had to walk away from this one as well. Fortunately we all had a good attitude about it because we still saw so many cool things that we never would have! It was an adventure with a ton of driving and snow. i was so tempted to put on my christmas music haha!

(sorry for these dark, grainy phone photos) as we came back to the city, we wanted to stop by cambridge to introduce our friends to shake shack and harvard! it was raining in boston rather than snowing which in my opinion is worse. we also all got frustrated with the parking situation haha last time, me and riley took the train and rode bikes everywhere so we didn’t have that problem! but shack burgers and legally blonde references made it all better! we slept like babies that night, dreaming of witches and black cats.