Kubota Gardens

At the beginning of october, i kept seeing more and more photos from people in utah in the gorgeous canyons with those golden aspens and i wanted to see some fall for myself! fall is amazing here but blooms later than other places so we didn’t find much. but we ended up going to the kubota gardens which is such a gem in the city! there weren’t really any changed leaves yet, but we enjoyed the warm weather and sun and playing around with taking some pictures. we thought it was going to rain that day and it didn’t, which is always such a welcome surprise! Koda was wondering why we wouldn’t let him off his leash haha! But he behaved as usual :)

I hope you all had a fun Thanksgiving surrounded by friends, family, and good food! we’re in california getting some quality family time in as well soaking in some california sunshine. however, it did rain today which is always a blessed day when that happens in california!

outfit details: sweatshirt, dress (old), boots