Morning Walk Around the Neighborhood

^^^the struggle was real ;)

^^^in all of the photos of me trying to look good while throwing leaves in the air, it actualy just looks like i’m about to sneeze haha!

The rainy season has definitely arrived in the PNW but we’ve been blessed with some surprise sunny days here and there. It helps so much now that the sun goes down at 5! this week, we had a day that felt like summer! there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and we didn’t need jackets!! it had me wishing it stayed that way all winter long ;)

Fall here in Seattle is surprisingly incredible. You would never expect it! On one of my early drives to work last week, I noticed how amazing our neighborhood looked with the sun shining through all of the red and yellow leaves and knew I needed to take photos of it! So one morning, I woke Riley and Koda up early to go on a walk around the neighborhood! It was a sunny and chilly morning. We played in the leaves and stopped a bunch to attempt to take pictures that would do it justice. when we got to the lake, there was a really pretty fog hanging over it and sleepy ducks swimming around. by the end of our walk, my toes and fingers were so frozen! i thought i would never get feeling back to them haha! Don’t you wish fall was as long as winter?! I think the world would be a happier place ;)

sweater, beanie (similar), vintage skirt, shoes (similar), riley’s jacket