The Great Pumpkin!

i was wondering when we would possibly have time to go to the pumpkin patch this year, but riley surprised me one day and took me to the same pumpkin patch we went to last year! it was the perfect sunny day and we didn’t even need jackets! for some reason, riley always wants a giant pumpkin! luckily not as big as some of the pumpkins we saw though, thank goodness! i found the perfectly shaped green pumpkin and i hope i’ll be able to make it into what i imagine (if we find time to even carve them)! after we picked out our perfect pumpkins, we drove to the airport to watch planes land. riley knew of a perfect spot where the planes fly right over you! he has an app on his phone that tells you what plane is flying and where it’s going. we saw that a giant double decker was coming in so we were waiting and waiting….and then we noticed that it was landing at the other runway! so we totally missed it haha! better luck next time ;) also, excuse riley’s hair in these photos…i told him he should style it but he was feeling lazy that day haha this was such a fun day that we both had off! it was funny talking about the last time we had been to this pumpkin patch- we had just moved to seattle! i can’t believe it’s already been a whole year.

below i also posted my updated halloween playlist! i’m pretty proud of it and love listening to it at any given time in october but it’s especially perfect for spooky Halloween dinner parties with friends! ;)