Birthday Boating Trip

Our final destination was colville to do a little boating before summer ended! Riley requested this as his birthday trip and it was a great choice! It was even better that Koda was able to come along with us :) I love to see him running around their property. when we arrived, we went on a little hike that reminded me of the clu mountain hike in thousand oaks. i was expecting it to be easy but it ended up being pretty steep and blazing hot. then, we took the wrong turn on our way back and had to turn around and go back up a super steep hill! it was such a struggle but i’m glad we got outside and were able to take in the views of colville! that night, me, riley, and madi took our sleeping bags onto the trampoline and watched the stars! we even brought koda and lucy up there with us which was hilarious because they both just laid down right on top of me! lucy has never been cuddly with me so i was loving it! then we started hearing coyotes in the distance and the dogs got scared and we were worried what would happen if the coyotes made their way over, so we went back inside :) riley’s parents also made us amazing meals every night! including crawfish ettouffee (my favorite) and a delicious birthday cake for riley! we were all licking our plates clean haha!

i had never been to the river near riley’s house so i was really excited! it was only us and one other group on the beach  (who happened to know riley’s family haha) so it was nice and relaxing. however, it was super hot and as i get older i’ve tried more and more to cover up when i’m in the sun. so i stayed under an umbrella for most of the time ;) me and riley took koda on a short boat ride. it was his first time on a boat so we were intrigued to see how he would react. he was definitely a little freaked out and confused. he even started barking at either the noise or the speed. it was so funny! he couldn’t figure out what he was supposed to do! after that, he chased the boat back and forth from the beach every time me or riley were on it. one time me and riley were on the boat and koda was running up and down the beach for the entire time! he was running so fast and i actually started getting worried about him haha i didn’t want him to keep running and not find his way back! but as we came back to the beach, he greeted us by running into the water towards the boat. it was the cutest thing! the rest of the time, he barked at us to throw his ball to him and it got super annoying! ;) Riley did some water skiing and got up on one ski! I actually got it on video without realizing it ;) we did some tubing and even sunk the boat! if you know, you know.

this was such a fun trip and a great way to end our summer! the river is close enough to riley’s house to just drive to it every day but maybe next year we’ll make a camping trip out of it! if you’re wondering what we’re up to this month, i just got back from a trip with my sister to san francisco, then me and riley are going to boston at the end of the month with our friends! i cannot wait because we love boston so much!! follow along with our day-to-day over on instagram! @kianaleepeper and @rileypeper. Have a great wednesday!