Beautiful Things in D.C.

D.C. is a fun little city. it’s one big tourist attraction but still manages to boast lots of pretty homes, architecture, art, a great food scene, and history! i’ve visited a countless number of times and still manage to do all new things each time i go back. even if i lived there, i would never be able to see it all, especially with the art exhibits always changing. and that’s what is so cool about the nation’s capitol! i was lucky to spend a weekend with my sister this summer and had a great time strolling art museums and historic neighborhoods. unfortunately, it was like, the hottest weekend of the year. i was seriously melting! on my first day in town, i was able to wander the city all by myself and i thought i was going to die as i started walking towards the mall. i walked less than two blocks before i practically ran to the nearest ice cream truck! then i had my sister pick me up because i couldn’t walk any further haha! keep scrolling to see some photos from my weekend. i hope you like home exteriors and modern art ;)

i’m not always a huge modern art fan but the renwick gallery had some pretty neat installations! there was an entire room with the ceiling draped in this colorful string. it slowly changed colors and it was so soothing! one of my favorite pieces was this collage made out of 16mm film strips. it made a pattern that looked like a quilt and if you looked closely, you could see the tiny pictures on the film! it was a pretty small exhibit and didn’t take a lot of time to see, which is good because i typically take ages to get through a museum haha!

^^^the ceiling in the atrium was done by the same architect who did the seattle library!

one evening we quickly strolled through the national portrait gallery. this one i’ll have to go back to next time! we went through the hall of presidents (ok i don’t know if it’s called that but i’m calling it that) which had, you guessed it, portraits of all of the presidents! it was really cool, my favorites were the ones of abe :) we walked through a few other halls then scurried upstairs to see the electric highway before the museum closed. it was rad! the tv’s had scenes representing the state they were in. even the tiny states had tiny screens! if you’re in d.c. i highly recommend seeing this installation and the rest of the museum while you’re there. luckily we got to stay in one wing past closing time for a party that was going on for the luce foundation! it worked out perfectly because we got to see even more art!

^^^we walked around navy yard which is a cool spot for dining, watching a ball game, and taking in the views. there was even a fun wading pool for scorching hot summer days! navy yard is even better if you have a boat to sail around the potomac!

on my last day in town, we walked around georgetown, one of my favorite neighborhoods! i just wanted to stroll the neighborhood and go into a few shops. these houses are such a dream!! the history and charm would be enough to get me to live in the d.c. area ;) it was so hot and sweaty that i finally said ok, let’s go to the airport haha. it was such a great weekend, even if i sweated the whole time! i would love to hear your recommendations for our next trip to d.c.!