Mini Family Reunion in Detroit

the week after my trip to d.c., we were supposed to visit our dear friends in atlanta. we were so excited to explore this new city with people who could show us around! but sadly, our flight filled up at the last minute so we had to cancel :( we were so bummed but then realized that riley’s entire family (just missing delaney, kyle, and erik) was in detroit visiting the grandparents! so…off to detroit we went! right after i threw up in the airport bathroom…not fun at all! but all was well (no, not pregnant. i just get nauseous on early mornings sometimes). it was so fun because we were able to surprise the grandparents! they were so shocked, it was awesome!! watch their reaction in the video below :) even jenny and peper were in town from kenya! we spent two days visiting and playing. it reminded me of our summers in maryland when i was growing up. playing in the streets, chatting on the porch, and catching fireflies. the weather was perfect and humid, just the way i like it! this was actually my first time to detroit and riley’s grandparent’s house, so we went downtown for an evening. it was really eerie driving into the city, it looked like a ghost town! the grey building above is an awesome train depot that is totally abandoned! it looked straight out of the hunger games! it’s so sad what has happened to this city. downtown seemed pretty small but lively with fans headed to the tigers game. we walked around greektown and got a huge box of treats at a bakery there. we brought them back to the house to share with everyone after dinner, but the neighbor, mr. adams brought over his homemade chocolate chip cookies. and our box of desserts was nothing in comparison to his cookies!! that night, we played an exciting game of freeze tag and even mr. adams joined in! he was the most competitive one of us all! it was hilarious, but the mosquito bites i got were no joke! other than visiting with the family, catching fireflies was my favorite part and i don’t understand how people on the east coast and mid west don’t catch them every night! oh, i also had my first white castle experience and i didn’t hate it! it was so hard to leave, especially because everyone was headed to the cottage and mackinac island right after we left! :( but we had a blast getting to see family that we haven’t seen in a long time!