Library of Congress

On my first day in d.c., i got to spend the day by myself. i was so excited for this because it meant i could take as many photos as i want without bugging anyone! i hate feeling like i’m rushed when i’m in a museum or that i’m stopping too much to take photos when i’m with people. so after getting lunch and walking around capitol hill, i headed to the library of congress and spent hours¬†exploring it! it was the best! the main attraction is the main lobby and mezzanine. i walked the halls and read each and every description to learn about the building and all of the details. not one spot of the building is left untouched. i took a million photos trying to do this amazing building justice but i don’t think that’s possible! there are also a few exhibits and thomas jefferson’s personal library (see photo below)! this is probably my favorite building in d.c. that i’ve discovered so far. you can’t miss it! it’s the grey building right behind the capitol building. it’s also incredible from the outside! see more of my visit in the video in my next blog post :)