Sisters in Seattle, Part 2

While my sister was in town, the weather was surprisingly scorching hot. we took the train downtown one day which meant we had to walk everywhere. we spent time in capitol hill, went to elliott bay book company, got molly moon’s before having dinner, and visited the starbucks roastery! riley and i had been wanting to check the roastery out for a while and thought this would be our perfect opportunity since we knew brianna would appreciate it :) the roastery is a huge starbucks with a bigger menu and a ton of room to hang out. not only that, but you can see the coffee being roasted and packaged right there! it was an incredible sight and so cool to watch. they roast their special starbucks reserve coffee here and nowhere else! we don’t drink coffee, but it was still impressive to visit. the interior design didn’t hurt either ;)

brianna and i trekked up to the UW campus and even though we thought we were going to die of heat stroke, it was worth it to see the beautiful campus! Our first stop was the stadium to fin a quick geocache ;) from the campus, there was even a rose garden and an incredible view of rainier. we walked into the library and our jaws dropped! it literally looked like the great hall in hogwarts! i would not mind studying for finals in there! i can’t wait to take riley back to the campus and to spend some more time looking at each building’s unique architecture.

brianna requested that we go to the emp museum (stands or experience music project) and i’m so glad she did! it turned out to be such a cool museum! i’m not a huge music person so i didn’t know what to expect. but turns out there was a lot of movie exhibits which got me really excited! there were exhibits for fantasy movies, horror movies, and star trek. each one had the real costumes and props from a lot of movies that i’m obsessed with like harry potter, wizard of oz, and narnia! there was also an incredible nirvana exhibit, which was the main reason why brianna wanted to go. i loved getting a new perspective on the band. this is one museum that i wish i had a season pass to and i would highly recommend it to anyone visiting who loves movies or music!