My New Favorite Spot in Malibu

Okay, I found my new favorite spot in Malibu and I can’t believe how long it took me to find out about it! Well, I always knew about it but never went. When I was home, my mom and I went to the Getty Villa! It’s in a gorgeous setting, right off of the PCH and overlooking the ocean. I knew that the gardens and architecture was going to be amazing so i was so excited to see it for myself. i was blown away by all of the details in the different stones and patterns in the walls and floors. It was hard not to take a million photos! Although the fountains were empty, the gardens were still impressive and had me dreaming of having an extravagant garden with statues and hedges of my own. i loved the getty villa more than the getty in LA because a) it’s smaller and i relate more to the design of the getty villa and b) i think i enjoy artifacts and sculptures more than paintings. plus, the getty villa is all about ancient rome and greece which is my absolute favorite!! I could have stayed there all day reading every plaque all the way through. i love reading and learning about mythology! and of course, we ended our trip with some yummy ice cream from freddy’s, which i am currently craving ;) thanks for the fun day, mama!

^^^i saw this amazing house right around the corner from the getty villa. i think they must have been inspired by the royal hawaiian ;)

^^^a black figure pot showing hercules fighting the hydra

^^^i loved this detailed mosaic on this fountain in one of the courtyards

^^^check out all of the details, patterns, and different stone used in this elevator room!!

^^^leda and the swan. a.k.a zeus in disguise. | hercules with his lion pelt and club

^^^i tried a thouseand times to get a picture of this room without people in it but this was literally the best i could get. 

^^^there were a few amazing sarcophagi as well. this one had amazing details and deep carvings.