Getting outdoors in the PNW

we haven’t done much outdoorsy things since moving to seattle. this was definitely the biggest hike we’ve been on in washington! we didn’t know what to expect since our friends invited us and planned it out. i honestly thought it was going to be decently short and easy. then we got to the switchbacks and i asked how much longer?! and they said it was an 8 mile hike roundtrip! haha i was not expecting that! it was super pretty but it wasn’t the easiest ;) i’ll be honest…i was dying for a lot of it haha. koda did great on the way up and we had fun with our friends. our destination was an amazing hike with bright green/blue water. by the time we got there, the temperature cooled down quite a bit so we weren’t tempted to jump in. koda was super tired when we got to the lake and he kept dozing off even while he was standing up :) however, on the way down, he slowed down a lot and was acting a little weird. before long, he threw up on the trail! uh oh…we were hoping he’d be okay for the drive home, which he was until about the last 15 minutes. with our friends in the back seat with him, koda threw up again on the center console! it was disgusting and so of course we opened all the windows and pulled over. it felt like our first taste of parenthood–throw up everywhere with almost nothing to clean it with and being trapped in the car! it was disgusting but we kept laughing about it. i’m not sure how people do it with babies and toddlers! luckily, our friends still wanted to be our friends after the whole ordeal haha! so, here are some pretty pictures of the hike–not the throw up!