The Hammock Diaries: Paradise Falls

Riley and I recently got an Eno hammock to bring with us on our adventures and camping trips! I’m excited to bring it with us wherever we travel because it will challenge us to get outdoors and explore a little more. I posted a picture of us in the hammock on snapchat and titled it “the hammock diaries” and then i thought, maybe that would be a fun idea for a series on the blog! So i’ll try to take you along on all of our hammock adventures :)┬áit isn’t the most comfortable with two people in it, even though it is technically big enough for two… I’m always worried I’m going to fall out of it haha! There are hiking trails down the street from my moms house in California called Wildwood Park and I had never taken Riley there! So I was excited to take him to Paradise Falls which is a staple in Thousand Oaks. We grew up going on field trip nature walks there and jumping off the waterfall in the summer. Okay, I never jumped off the waterfall but everyone else does :) It was a super hot day and the trail isn’t shady at all so we definitely regretted not wearing our swimsuits! But it was so nice to swing in the hammock in the shade for a little while! I hope you’re having a fun and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!!