New Adventures on the North Shore

After visiting Kauai and the big island, we were not satisfied when we arrived in Honolulu. We kept saying this isn’t hawaii! so, we were excited to spend the whole day on the north shore. when we drove out of the city we were like, “this is more like it!” we stopped at the dole plantation to grab some dole whips because we can never resist those delicious cups of magic. turns out they are as good as the ones at disneyland ;) plus madi had never had one before! i know, shocking! our goal was to find some sea turtles and to hopefully find a place to snorkel. well, mission accomplished! we stopped at turtle beach (perfectly named) because i had heard that you can always see turtles there. well yeah, that was an understatement. we saw at least five swimming in the waves, one already bathing in the sun, and one who just swam up to shore. it was honestly so incredible to watch! i could’ve cried thinking about how far they had come haha! ┬áit was a really sweet experience even though we were baking in the hot sun! we stayed there for quite some time, so you’re lucky i’m only showing you about four out of the many pictures i took of them ;) someone told me that there were lots of yummy food trucks at shark’s cove just a little ways up from turtle beach. so, that was our next stop and when we got there, we found a shack that rented snorkel gear! there was an enclosed cove (hence the name, again) which made it a perfect snorkeling spot. we had never been snorkeling before so we actually didn’t expect to see much, but boy were we wrong! we saw so many different kinds of fish, big and small! lots of sea urchins too which was scary. i loved floating there in their environment and i was just in awe! we even saw a huge school of fish which was my favorite part. heavenly father took the time to create even these tiniest fish! i have loved being able to see so many of His unique and beautiful creations. i could’ve stayed in there all day, but it was way too cold and we were numb haha! sadly, we don’t have any underwater devices to get pictures anymore so i tried extra hard to remember every little detail. we sat on the beach for a little bit and madi and i searched for teeny tiny treasures :) then we ate lunch at the food trucks. they all looked delicious so it was hard to choose! we ended up going to one that had a delicious hawaiian burger. we made a pitstop to see the laie temple which was beautiful! we looked like a bunch of ragamuffins though. oops! at this point, the weather kinda turned (just our luck…as usual) but we found another beach to hang out on anyway. i sat while riley and madi ran around haha ;) we were the only ones there but as we were leaving, a guy around our age asked us to help him jump his car. turns out, he was getting married in a week in seattle! what a small world! we also stopped at yet another beach to watch another incredible sunset! i apologize for the amount of beach and sunset pictures in this post, but i couldn’t resist! plus i really cut it down! also, here’s our snapchat story if you’d like to see :)

Oahu via Snapchat! from Kiana Peper on Vimeo.