Tulip Fields Forever

Our plan was to fly to Anchorage after Oahu (blog posts still to come!), but it didn’t work out, so instead we flew into Bellingham Washington so we could see the Tulip festival! Their website said that it just started, but apparetly we caught the end of it because they bloomed so early this year. but it was still so incredible and we barely even noticed the tulips that had been picked. last year, we went to the tulip festival at thanksgiving point in utah which, after going to this one, seems like a joke. at this one, there are literal fields of tulips! it was a dream! i wish i could take a nap in them like dorothy (minus the drugs). there were so many different colors, i couldn’t stop taking pictures! i’m actually really glad we were able to make it to the tulip festival instead of going to alaska! it was incredible and so fun to see. we look a little ragged because we had just gotten off the plane from hawaii then drove a little ways to get out to the tulips, so just excuse my dirty hair haha!