A Sunny Day Exploring the City

of course, while my mom was here, we had to show her pike place! it’s always fun see what’s going on. we got some pasta and fresh salmon to cook later that night. it was the best and softest salmon we have ever had! it doesn’t hurt that riley’s cooking is so good too :) there were also so many new flowers to see! by now, we have found our favorite spots at pike place so we were sure to show my mom all of them. including a map store, riley’s favorite ginger beer, my favorite vintage print shop, a halloween store with an old fashioned photo booth, and seattle dogs! we enjoyed our dogs overlooking the sound in the warm sun :)

we also checked out the city library which we hadn’t done yet, but the crazy architecture definitely draws you in. we started on the top floor and worked our way down, so the first thing we saw were the super cool geometric beamed ceilings/windows. it changed at every angle and was just so cool to me :)


then, we took the short ferry ride to bainbridge island! we were worried my mom would get sea sick but she handled it like a champ. you could barely even tell we were moving! we didn’t have time to explore it last time, so we had fun this time driving around the whole island and checking out some incredible houses! the island is so lush and green. we stumbled on a nursery and picked up a few plants for our planters :) it was fun walking through some of the shops on the main street, but the best part was going back to mora ice cream! i got the molten cake with their peanut butter ice cream and it was to die for! next time we will definitely share the molten cake though, because one is a bit much for one person :)


it was such a gorgeous day! we really lucked out with the best weather all week! my mom’s trip went by way too fast and we were sad the second she had to leave! although we got her to stay a couple extra days ;)