Such Great Heights

When my mom was in town, we checked out the Columbia Tower which we’ve been wanting to do for a long time! It’s cheaper and higher than the Space Needle and you still get 360 views of the city! It was so cool to see the city from this point of view. we were able to see rainier, mt. baker, bainbridge island, and both mountain ranges! we had fun spotting lots of different landmarks! plus, it was so incredibly clear which allowed us to see so much! we would highly recommend this over the space needle! another plus: your ticket is good for all day so you can even go back to check out the views at night! or if you’re not coming to seattle any time soon, you can just take a look at our pictures below :)


^^^can you spot the space needle?

^^^the city you can see in the distance on the left is bellevue, and you can see the floating bridge that takes you there.