Waimea Canyon Drive

i think this was our favorite part of our trip. we took a long drive up into the mountains to get to waimea canyon. the drive there was just as fun and beautiful as the lookout. kauai is covered in red dirt so it was cool to see streams and waterfalls against the bright red on the side of the road. something weird and crazy is that there is a wet and dry side of the island (as on all of the islands). the mountain range divides the two sides because they block the rain from the dry side. so, as we were driving higher into the mountains, we passed through the dryness to get to the wet and tropical side. it was a crazy experience!

once we got to waimea canyon, we walked up to the lookout and our jaws dropped! it was way more beautiful than we expected, as well as borderline freezing haha! i wish we could have stayed longer but our fingers probably would have fallen off. after seeing this incredible view, we kept driving as far as the road let us in hopes to see the lookout over the napali coast. we drove through some spooky tropical fog and mist and knew we wouldn’t see anything, but we still drove all the way to the end :) it actually looked like if we took one leap, we would fall into nothingness.  

Have you seen the Waimea canyon? And have you hiked the Napoli coast?? We hope to try to do it this summer when rainy season is over :)