Queens Bath and an Angry Ocean

Queens bath was pretty incredible. it’s a short muddy hike to get there (notice the red mud/dirt) through a tropical forest in the middle of a ritzy neighborhood. i was nervous when we made it because i had seen youtube videos of people being swept off of the rocks so i didn’t want to go anywhere near the water haha! this was the angriest ocean i have ever seen and as much as i love the ocean, i respect it and will let it be when i can see that it’s clearly much more powerful than i am. riley got much closer than i did ;) it was so misty even from where i was standing and my camera lens definitely took a beating. it was incredible to see nature in this setting. it was insane. the colors were so vivid here-bright greens, stark black rocks, red mud, bright blue ocean. it took my breath away! ;)

after queens bath, we drove to the kilauea lighthouse to see the lookout there. the ocean over here was also crazy to watch but of course, so beautiful. there were hundreds of white birds flying around and hanging out on the side of the cliff. it made me think of the dragons in avatar :) both of these spots were so beautiful!