The Cute Town of Hanapepe & a Secret Glass Beach

like i said a few posts back, hanapepe is the town that lilo and stitch was based off of! and everyone who knows me knows that i love anything disney!  so of course i was excited to see lilo’s cute little town! it was so charming and beautiful. there is also a cool swinging bridge that a couple people told us to check out. i don’t have much to say other than the people were so nice, the town was so quaint (my favorite town it kauai), and it was gorgeous and so lush! down the road, we found the hidden glass beach. you get there by doing a little off roading through red dirt in an industrial area. you would never know it was there. if you drive a little farther than the beach walk up, you’ll find a mysterious japanese cemetery with tombstones dated back to the 1800s! it was so old and peaceful overlooking the blue ocean. i loved it but i wish i knew more about it. the beach itself is covered in sea glass. the sand is all small and big pieces of glass! i made sure to stash a few pieces in my pockets :) we even met a couple on their honeymoon who was from seattle! it seemed like each tourist we talked to were visiting from washington or oregon!