Olympic Sculpture Park


Hello! I am excited to post these pictures because it was the first sunny and pretty warm day here! i can feel spring coming around the corner! which is literally the only thing keeping me going through these horrible dark days! it was the first day i wasn’t wearing a heavy jacket (my green one which i wear literally everyday haha) and rainboots (my hunters which are caked in mud and the best purchase you will ever make if you live in the pnw). it was exciting! we spent the day downtown at the olympic sculpture park. i’m glad we did it because it is so beautiful. there were only a handful of sculptures (not what we expected) but it’s right on the water and there is a trail you can follow quite a way down the shore. a great perk of this is that it’s free admission, and dogs are allowed! we are all about that! we took koda down to the water and he loved it until he decided the tiny waves were being too loud and he started barking at them! it was hilarious. we also spent probably an hour searching for a hot dog stand so we could try a seattle dog. but we couldn’t find them anywhere! we settled for top pot donuts and some wraps at the r.e.i. flagship store (which was pretty cool). it was a nice day spent in the sun! whenever the sun comes out here, you totally drop everything to get outside before it goes away! this clip from portlandia is so real and made me laugh so hard!

Happy valentine’s weekend! how are you spending it??