Oh Canada!

Last week, we traveled to Vancouver for the first time! I have been to Canada quite a few times but this was the first time it felt like i really experienced canada! Vancouver is such a fun and beautiful city! we spent most of the day exploring stanley park. it’s a 1,000 acre park with beaches, amazing views, a ton of forest-y trails, huge trees, and a few attractions. it was a gloomy day but only drizzled a little bit, and the sun even came out towards the end of the day! these are small blessings that you come to appreciate when you live in the pnw! the lady at the canadian border thought we were crazy to be going to the park on a rainy day haha! koda absolutely loved playing fetch on the beach. but he didn’t love when he tried drinking the salt water ;) this was his first time on a real beach! but i’ll probably say the same thing again when we finally get him on a california beach :) we ended the night on granville island (except it’s not really an island?) strolling around the market and getting dinner at a restaurant called edible canada. we had fried cheese, poutin, and oxtail. very canadian ;)

  ^^^i told riley i wanted to go over to this jetty. well, he started climbing onto it and of course koda followed but turns out, it was ridiculously slippery! poor koda was slipping and falling all over it while he tried to get back to the ground! but he handled it like a champ and kept a smile on his face! haha!

^^^i saw this statue from the road and made riley pull over because i thought it was a mermaid–like the little mermaid statue in Copenhagen! as i got closer, i found out it was just “girl in flippers”. haha!

^^^we stopped at this super cool and delicious coffee shop in yaletown called “small victory“. we got a turkey blt and a croissant sandwich to eat at the park. it was so good and fresh and the croissant was perfectly buttery and flaky!

     ^^^this is the lion gate bridge. it’s huge and super high! it reminded me of the golden gate bridge :)


  ^^^and here’s some selfies, just for fun :)

the absolute best part was that with the current exchange rate, it was like everything was 40% off! we wanted to buy everything! riley even grabbed a couple bowls at anthropologie (my favorite) without even asking if i wanted them because they were so cheap haha. i seriously want to go up there to do all my shopping for now on ;) if you have any recommendations for vancouver, please let me know so we can see more when we go next time! have a great monday!