Seeing RED



^^^above the fog for a minute

After Leavenworth, we made our way to Riley’s parents house near Spokane. We spent a couple days skiing with them at Red Mountain in Canada! I actually like skiing with them a lot better because Riley’s mom sticks with me and helps me get better! This was my first time skiing at red and it is seriously the prettiest mountain i’ve skied! it is huge and the trees seemed so tall. and i felt like i was in whoville the whole time. it was so pretty! bad thing was that both days were pretty foggy at parts of the mountain and it got a little scary! i literally couldn’t see the trees right in front of me! i only crashed (hard) like three times total so i think that’s pretty good, except i totally had whiplash for three days afterwards which was so horrible. probably the most memorable (and not fun) moment of the weekend was when one of my skis popped off when i was getting onto the lift. so i got to panic on the entire life ride up the mountain and worry about how i would get off the lift. i’ve never been on one ski before so i had no idea what to do. we were hoping the guy at the top would stop the lift for me to get off, but no. he slowed it down and me and riley got off and crashed into each other (it’s also super steep right when you get off) and everyone turned to see what was going on. it was a horrible experience and it hurt a lot! ugh! at least these things make for good stories though, right? the best part of the day was getting home and soaking in the hot tub! :)