D.C. Christmas Trip: Part 2

Hello again! So far I am not doing so great with blogging regularly in the new year. I feel like that happens every year because I am busy organizing and prioritizing my life with all of these new goals I have!
But anyway, here we go. Some more highlights from my trip back east. this post has a lot of iphone pics and more pics overall than i was hoping, so sorry about that! Maybe only my family will appreciate this one but that’s fine :)

after the first couple of days, we spent a lot of time with the whole family! we went to the d.c. temple for my cousin who is leaving on his mission this month. that was really nice to see most of us in the temple together! that night, we went to my uncle’s house for christmas tamales and even saw santa driving down the road on a fire truck!

me, kayla, grant, brianna, and my mom all got pupusas to celebrate bryce being out for 5 months! a couple days later (on christmas morning), we were able to skype him! it was so incredible and happy to talk to and see him! he seems really happy and fluent in spanish! now we only have to wait a couple more months to talk to him again on mother’s day! also on christmas day, we went to Tony Cheng’s for some noodles and fa ra ra with my other uncle’s family.
a couple of other things we saw: the national cathedral (it’s only 100 years old but looks ancient!), the airforce memorial which was really so incredible (it looks over the pentagon and washington monument), and a glance over at the american history smithsonian (we’ve been to parts of it before so tried to find new things to see. My favorite part was all of the first ladys’ gowns!). and i can’t forget the white house christmas trees! there was a giant tree surrounded by little ones representing each state. and in the distance is the white house, but i was all turned around and apparently haven’t seen a picture of the white house in a while so i was taking pictures of the trees and a building in the distance. then, when we turned the corner to keep looking at all of the trees, i saw the real white house. i was so surprised because i thought the building i was taking pictures of was the white house! haha i don’t know what i was thinking!
our last day was spent at our grandparents house, having yet another christmas feast! two things you can guarantee when going to the east coast: a lot of family time and a lot of food! it was fun to chat and play games and do our nails with all the girl cousins!



^^^When we got home from tony cheng’s, we pulled out some christmas poppers and some of us almost peed our pants from laughing so hard when we tried to do play the whistles! it was hysterical and such a good time!! maybe i’ll try to put together the videos i took :)




^^^My aunt’s nativity collection makes me so jealous! they have big ones and small ones and ornaments from all of their travels! i loved seeing them all!


^^^of course the old family photo albums were pulled out at our grandparents house! I don’t know what’s better than that!

^^^only Riley and Bryce are missing. Just a couple more years until we can finally get a picture with everyone! :)

Thanks for reading! We made it half way through the week! You can do it! :)