D.C. Christmas Trip: Part 1

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! before it gets too late, I wanted to share my Christmas trip back East on here. I’m going to do it in two parts just because I have so many pictures (and trust me, this isn’t even half of it!). I was lucky to be able to go to d.c. for a week to be with my whole family for christmas. i was super sad to leave riley, but he had to stay home for work :( my mom’s entire side of the family lives in maryland and virginia but since we grew up in california, we had never been with the family for christmas! so since my sister and her husband moved out there this year, we thought this would be a good year for us to travel out there for the holidays. plus, we could all be together to skype our missionary brother!

our first couple of days were spent around georgetown, capitol hill, and downtown. since i’ve been to this area so many times in my life, i forget how awesome it is until i’m there again. i love the old streets and buildings and even the smell of it! it’s the strangest thing but it seriously smells “old” in the best way :) we could hardly handle the charming homes all decorated with lights and wreaths in georgetown. and of course, we got a half dozen cupcakes at georgetown cupcakes and they did not disappoint. i also loved all of the design showrooms all on the same street!

since my sister works at the capitol, she was able to take us on a private tour of it and took us to some pretty sweet spots that i don’t think a lot of people get to see. like the house floor where big things happen and the seat cushions turn into bullet proof vests. i hardly know anything about politics so i couldn’t tell you much about it but the history is so cool! and all of the details in the floors, columns, art, etc. was pretty sweet. I can’t wait to go back out with riley so he can see it all. we also went to the botanical gardens which was fun even though it was summer weather outside and even hotter inside of the green house haha! seriously…it was hot and humid and rainy all week! it was the craziest thing and kind of a bummer because we still haven’t experienced a real east coast winter (with snow and all)! inside the gardens they had the whole national mall made out of wood and plants and a section of toy trains as well. that was fun.

  ^^^this is looking from the capitol towards the mall. you can see washington, lincoln, and jefferson if you look closely.

  ^^^this is the library of congress and i was blown away by it!  there were so many details on the exterior that i could have looked at it all day haha. i won’t tell you about it at all though because you will just be bored. 

   ^^^this is the “crypt”. george washington was going to be buried there but he is buried at mt. vernon (his home) instead.
  ^^^original paintings on the wall and original floor tiles! they are currently restoring all of the paint to its original state

   ^^^on the right is the cast of the Statue of Freedom which is on top of the capitol dome.




in my next post i’ll share pictures of family gatherings, the white house christmas trees, and probably more pretty buildings :) happy sunday!