Crystal Mountain




 for someone who loves the snow, i’m just not sure if snow sports will ever be my thing. which is a bummer because riley’s whole family are avid skiiers, but at least i try, right!? on new year’s eve, me and riley went to to crystal for our first ski day of the season. crystal is a pretty cool mountain and seemed pretty big! it’s right by mt. rainier so when you go up the gondola, you get a great view of it! unfortunately, it was a super windy and frigidly cold day so i didn’t have the best time skiing. Luckily it was a at least sunny and blue skies! And i did enjoy the fire pit at the lodge though :) i don’t think i will ever understand how people enjoy being so cold and uncomfortable. it’s beyond me! honestly, if anyone has an answer to that question, please tell me your secret! but hey, i’ve always just been a beach girl, and I can’t wait for the day that I live by the ocean again!