Being Blown Away at Snoqualmie Falls

 We were lucky to have a couple of our friends stay with us last week! We had a ton of fun trying to play tour guide with them. “Trying” because after three months of living here, we still don’t know the best spots and eats! on their first day, we took them to snoqualmie falls, a pretty quick drive from our house. it was also our first time visiting and we were pleasantly surprised! plus it was a sunny day! we didn’t realize that it’s like, an established thing. and the falls were huge!! there was one view point that had the best view but was so incredibly windy and cold! we were cracking up because of how windy it was!! it was honestly insane (see last photo). my hands were shaking while trying to take pictures because they were so frozen! there was also a trail that led to the bottom but we decided to drive down there instead. Every angle of the falls was so beautiful! the water was so green and there were amazing trees surrounding us. We had a blast and were so glad we made the trip! next time we’ll be sure to bring koda with us!   
^^^Can we all just take a second to appreciate how long my hair is getting?! I’m so excited about it :)

 ^^^there was so much mist from the falls and at one point, the sun shined through the mist and it was incredible! I tried to capture it as best I could :) 
photos taken with our nikon and iphone lenses.