A Stopover in Germany


    ^^^koda is wondering why these goats and man aren’t moving haha!


^^^riley: “come on that’s enough pictures!” Me: “but there’s so many Christmas lights!!” 

I tricked all of my friends on snapchat into thinking we were actually in germany! i got so many replies saying “you’re in GERMANY?!” haha! sadly, no, we weren’t in germany, but we were in Leavenworth which is a german town in washington, a lot like solvang in california! we spent a couple hours there and had so much fun walking around the cute streets! unlike solvang, it was at the base of some mountains and covered in snow! and the christmas decorations were still up (as they should be in a place like that) and there were so many christmas lights! we ate some jaeger sneitzel and something else that i can’t remember the name but both were so delicious and unlike anything i’ve ever tasted. there were pretzels and beer everywhere but we passed on both ;) there was a christmas store similar to our favorite christmas store in solvang! christmas all year ’round! the best part of this one was that it’s three stories of christmas goodies! all of the buildings were super charming but most of the insides of the shops were…not. oh well, i had fun walking down the streets and checking out weird little shops :) this is definitely a washington must-do! oh and there are a lot of dog friendly shops and restaurants! that’s always a plus anywhere we go!