Mele Kalikimaka!

^^^our trip was off to a good start when we saw Santa in the airport!! And we drank as many cups of guava juice as we could get!



    ^^^theres only one place where you can throw up a shaka and I couldn’t miss the opportunity ! :)

  ^^^when we climbed up on the lava rock, there were pieces of coral covering it! I couldn’t leave without taking a few pieces for our bookshelves :)


    ^^^ the water was unreal! It was the perfect temperature and sooo clear, it looked like a swimming pool!  
      ^^^we ate at humpy’s right on the water and shared the best pizza and burger ever!
  Last week, we flew to Hawaii at the last minute to get a little break from the gloomy Seattle weather! It was just what I needed but I wish we could have stayed longer! it was both mine and riley’s first time to hawaii and even while we were there, i couldn’t believe we were actually there! i was not trying to be cool at all, i was totally like “I’M A TOURIST AND THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!” we had a blast eating food overlooking the ocean and laying on the beach! we found a cool farmers market and i about died from all of the fruit and hawaiian memorabilia. the culture is amazing, i can’t believe people actually live there and it’s real life! we went to a target (of course) and it didn’t feel right to see the christmas section. it was 80 degrees outside, it felt like summer! when we made it to kua bay, our jaws dropped. the water was so bright blue!! we had never seen anything like it! there was a family next to us on the beach and one of the sons looked like bryce’s twin!! it was crazy, even his mannerisms were the same. i wanted to give him a big hug! then we saw a couple of missionaries in the downtown area but i didn’t know what to say to them haha. the big island is more desert and less tropical but it is still so beautiful. it was so incredible to watch the sunset over the horizon. i’m from california but i’ve never seen anything like hawaii! we are hooked on hawaii now (who wouldn’t be?) and can’t wait to explore every island!

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