Little Dates #20: Christmas in the City




wow that was a lot of pictures haha! since i am flying to d.c. for christmas, me and riley had our christmas together a little early! friday night we had christmas eve with all of our christmas eve traditions and we also went into the city to check out all of the christmas lights down there! i heard about the gingerbread village at the sheraton so we went there first and turns out they were all star wars gingerbread creations! (actually i didn’t see any gingerbread) i’m not exactly a star wars fan but riley is so that was a nice surprise! plus they were actually super cool! there was one for each movie. it was crazy how detailed they were! then we saw the macy’s windows on the way down to pike place. riley saw his dream model train village and kept talking about how much he wants to build his own in our home someday haha :) while we were walking around the empty pike place, we stumbled on a ginger beer bar, so we had to go in since ginger beer is riley’s favorite! even i liked their ginger beer! i’m sure we’ll be back there a lot! next, riley found a candy cane lane up by the university so we headed over there. the neighborhood reminded me of the harvard yale area in salt lake. the houses were so dreamy and they’ve been decorating their homes since 1945! it would be such a fun street to live on! i love holiday date nights, especially free ones ;)! then we came home, had a fire, ate chocolate fondue, watched it’s a wonderful life, and slept under the tree. i love our christmas eve traditions! we didn’t get to do everything that we typically would do around christmas time but that’s okay because we’ve had a lot of fun with things we did get to do.

i hope you all have a happy christmas week!