Little Dates #19: Snowflake Lane

 the other day, i heard about snowflake lane on the radio, of all places. the thing that caught my attention was that they make it snow every night! like disneyland! so, i knew i was going to take riley here for date night! it may have been more for children but i feel like anything goes at the holidays :) it was a freezing night but it wasn’t raining! even though i make it seem like it never rains here, trust me, it does. everyday it is dark, depressing, cold, and rainy. we just tend to do fun things on the non-rainy days! ;) so, snowflake lane is in downtown bellevue and they shut down a couple of blocks for some fun christmas music and dancing! a ton of people come out for it! i thought it was super cute! At one point I was taking pictures of the drummer boy right in front of us and then Riley told me “he doesn’t even know how to drum” and I looked and it was true! He wasn’t even hitting the drum with his drumsticks haha! Poor guy. After the show, we walked around the mall there and got some yummy treats and tea. it seemed like a gigantic mall because we barely saw a little bit of it before it closed for the night! Bellevue is another place we need to take a day to explore some more! Here are some pics from the night!


^^^of course I had to take some pics of the super cute place where we got some donuts and soup! I loved the pink and brown with the brass pendants!