Deck the Halls!

I have been decking our halls since right after thanksgiving. i love to decorate for the holidays! and i don’t think it will all be finished until christmas day ;) maybe someday i’ll learn how to be subtle with the decorations haha! i just wanted to share some pictures today from our christmas-y home, especially because so many people have been wanting to see our new place! And maybe you can take some decorating tips from me! First of all…yes our gallery wall is still incomplete. and ideally i would change that lamp out. it’s on the list so don’t judge me for it!

since our fireplace didn’t have a mantle, my sister suggested we get a floating shelf from home depot! it’s a great solution and allowed me to have one more spot to decorate ;) i think our mantle is my favorite part! i couldn’t think of what to put on the wall above it for the longest time and then had an epiphany. i love the vintage and nostalgic feel of it. i wish i could keep it up all year!

i even dressed up the bathrooms! dracula had to be dressed up too with candles and clipping from the tree :)

this reed diffuser is my favorite ever! it smells like gingerbread cookies and makes the whole house smell amazing when you come home! i switched out my cooffee table books to be a little more festive. and this amaryllis bulb is the coolest–it’s dipped in wax so for some reason it doesn’t need soil, water, or sun! easiest plant i’ve ever had!! can’t wait to see it bloom :) also my favorite ornament from my mom and our cute kitty :) she has been so good this year and hasn’t tried climbing in the branches!! She only broke one ornament and took down the garland once. She has also made a new nap spot under the branches and warm lights. It’s so cute, she was under there for like 9 hours the other day!!

i made our kitchen festive by putting out my favorite Santa mugs and hanging some paper snow flakes. I found these cute houses at target in the candle section! I also got the caldera winter edition soaps for the kitchen and bathrooms and I’m so glad I did! I love having a touch of Christmas in every corner! ;) also, I can’t get that “joy to the world” banner to stay on the wall! I finally gave up and it’s now on the floor haha.

^^^this is probably my new favorite picture. Koda crammed into the kitty’s bed and looking like this is their album cover haha! I also love our Catholic nativity which is the same one that was in the Mindy project the other night! :)

Look back at our 2013 and 2014 Christmas home!