Crosstown Cup!

   ^^^we had the best weather!! ok it was a little hot, but it was sunny!

  ^^^gotta protect tommy during rivalry week! he is seen here with a bruin pierced through his sword :)


^^^these pictures of us together make me laugh because no one would ever guess we were sisters from the color of our hair! it is so different!

I flew home the day after thanksgiving to spend the weekend with my mom and sister and to go to the SC game! brianna is a season ticket holder and finally let me go to a game with her ;) It has been probably 5 years since I’ve been to a game! I got super lucky too because it was the usc ucla game! Our biggest crosstown rival! It was so fun getting up early for some good ol tailgating (we ate so many donuts) with some fun people. We walked around campus (the prettiest campus) and bought some goodies at the bookstore. It was so great being back on this campus! And even better to be back in the coliseum where I learned to love football!  Half time is always fun at sc games because the marching band is pretty much the best in the country and this time they did Star Wars! I don’t even really like Star Wars but I recorded the whole thing haha! Well, if you can’t tell by the smiles on our faces…usc won the crosstown cup back! it is now painted cardinal red instead of ugly blue :) and now they just need to beat Stanford to be the pac-12 champs! Fight on!