Your New Favorite Christmas Playlist

 you guys…less than a week until thanksgiving! that came so fast!! I’m excited and stressed because our house is a mess. but i’m sure that’s how most people are feeling this week! i’m happy to report that after a ton of rain here, it is finally sunny so that always motivates me to get things done! also, i just realized it’s saturday and not friday. so even less time than i thought haha! cool!

  ^^^riley sent a postcard to his little sister from snowbird! we want to start doing that for every trip we go on!

on thursday, riley and i hopped on a plane to salt lake! we had a couple errands we wanted to do but no other plans. we were just like…what should we do now? it was just like any other day when we lived there :) next time we’ll think it out and plan on doing things we never did when we lived there! my favorite part (other than seeing friends :) was going up to snowbird! my main goal was to see snow and since there wasn’t any in the valley, we had to go into the mountains. it was so pretty and christmas-y! we were sad we weren’t able to go skiing though– the resorts are already open! but…we found the perfect spot to play in the snow! and saw the most incredible sunset as we were leaving the canyon. so many people swerved to the side of the road to stop and take it in!


 today, in spirit of the holidays, i wanted to share with you the best christmas playlist ever! it has everything on it and will be perfect for your thanksgiving company and all throughout december! i’m listening to it as i type this and it never gets old! i’ve had this playlist for years and just keep adding to it. tell me your favorite christmas songs! there is no shame in listening to christmas music at this point in the game! :)


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