West Seattle

 ^^^have i mentioned how amazing fall is here? leaves are everywhere! so many bright colors and i don’t think it’s ending anytime soon! i’ve been loving it. 


i have found that the weather report is never correct here in seattle. it will say it’s going to rain for a whole week but then there’s a surprise sunny day! we were lucky to get one of those the other day while we were exploring west seattle! we checked out this cool park/campground called camp long. It had lots of trails and obstacle course things from like the 50’s or something. we found these stone walls that you run/climb up. there was a staircase to the side of them but for some reason (without us even telling him), koda just ran right up the wall! it was so funny because it was pretty much straight up so why would he think he was supposed to run up it?! well, of course we made him do it over and over again and he loved the exercise! after the park, we drove through the cute downtown part of west seattle and then stopped at a spot with a great view of the city! there were dumb teenagers (actually i think they were adults) who were shooting firecrackers so that freaked koda out which made him extra cuddly with us :) i love spending time exploring with riley when he has time off of work! and like everywhere we’ve been, i can’t wait to explore it more!