Two Pepers Travel: A Day Trip to Portland

 on one of riley’s days off last week, we decided to take a day trip to portland! it’s only a two hour drive and we even brought koda with us! neither of us have ever been to portland so it was exciting to go to another new city! we were lucky too because it was pouring rain all day in seattle but only a little drizzly in portland. whoever said it hardly ever rained heavily in seattle was crazy by the way….

 our first stop was voodoo donuts. apparently that’s a very touristy thing to do haha. i was excited about these but they were a little disappointing. the service wasn’t great and the donuts weren’t fresh at all. plus it was in a super sketchy area (it would appear there are a lot of strip clubs in portland). next time we will try blue star donuts instead!


^^^i thought this building looked like it was straight out of Harry Potter!

we got lost a couple times on all of those bridges, but we finally made our way to a dog park for koda. it was in this super cute neighborhood that reminded me of sugar house in salt lake! the houses and trees looked exactly the same! it was even right outside of the city just like sugar house is. i loved it. we met a nice lady who reminded us of riley’s aunt jenny and she told us a few places to check out! the people in portland are so nice and friendly. we went over to alberta street and found a few cute shops and a delicious french restaurant called petite provence. it was hopping with people! it was seriously so yummy and shockingly cheap! i ordered the meurette benedict and riley got the corned beef sandwich. go there if you’re ever in portland.


^^^ even those cupcakes look like they’ll melt in your mouth! Gotta try those some time!

 even though we were stuffed, we went to salt & straw for some ice cream because i’ve heard it’s incredible. and it was! they have crazy flavors (which we love) and everything is made in house. they even had seasonal flavors like stuffing and turkey! the service was great and they let you try every flavor if you want to ;) riley got a scoop of sweet potato ice cream and i got the strawberry balsamic and snickerdoodle. i played it more safe but it was all delicious! i hope Seattle gets a location soon!

next, i dragged riley along for some shopping. we went to schoolhouse electric which i have always loved and always wanted to visit. even riley liked it :) then we found a few shops downtown (i don’t know where the heck we were) after we took a nice walk on the river with koda! it was so pretty!  p.s…once again, koda ate our leftover food right out of the front seat of the car! last time, he ate an entire bag of trail mix on our trip from salt lake to seattle. naughty but hilarious.



other than where voodoo donuts was, portland seemed like such a cool city! i loved it right away and i’m excited that it’s only a couple hours from seattle! i can’t wait to see more of the outdoor areas next time as well. this week….salt lake!! that’s right..our first trip away and we’re flying back to utah haha :) hoping to see some snow!!