Little Dates #17: Halloween 2015!



Even without friends and parties, this Halloween was seriously so much fun! It was a super rainy and dark day so we kept cozy inside. We had a festive breakfast with pumpkin pancakes and apple cider tea, watched Harry Potter and football, then had our black squid ink spaghetti with butternut squash and pumpkin sauce for dinner! it was a delicious day! i even got riley to dress up with me as fred a.k.a. paul varjak from breakfast at tiffany’s and i was “sleepy” holly golightly. riley was nice and said i looked just like her ;) truman capote is my favorite author and i have always loved breakfast at tiffany’s and holly golightly! i think we all can relate to her story! anyway, we took the train into the city and went to the symphony to watch alfred hitchcock’s psycho while the orchestra played the soundtrack. i’ve never been to the symphony and i knew riley loved going so i surprised him with tickets! it was so cool!! it was such a spooky experience to watch it in a big theatre with the live orchestra! it was also fun to walk around the city in our costumes! one girl asked me “are you breakfast at tiffany’s?!” haha yes….and another girl was like, “let me guess…sleeping beauty?!” mmm no. and then i tried to take pictures with our cat but she did not behave haha! it was a wonderful halloween and i loved seeing everyone’s pictures! i’m sad it’s all over but i’m stoked and ready for the christmas season to begin!!

gold flatware-target | pancake molds-williams sonoma | candelabra-west elm