A Rainy Sunday Drive

 a couple weeks ago, i thought we were going to take a drive around the neighborhood to check out some cute houses and parks and trails. but, we ended up driving all the way out to tacoma and gig harbor and then through the city. it was pouring rain and i only came prepared for a drive where you do not get out of the car haha. so, we walked along the beach and i got soaked. i’m glad i at least changed into my boots, but i’m not glad i was still in my dress and tights! all of that aside, it was so much fun, even with the gloomy weather! we drove through a few really cute towns right on the water! and gig harbor had so many cute shops. the “beach” we went to had a dog park just up the road from it. we hopped out to check it out and it was so cool!! all of a sudden, we were in the awesome rainforest with super tall trees and a view of the water. i can’t wait to try this trip again when it’s not raining and i have a proper jacket ;) instead of going back the way we came, we jumped on the ferry (right as it was leaving!) which took us downtown. the ferry ride was pretty fun! koda waited in the car and was a little freaked out :( it was smooth sailing until we got off the ferry and found out a soccer game had just ended downtown. so the traffic was terrible. it probably took us another hour to get home from there. that was our first taste of horrible seattle traffic!

Sorry for the iPhone photos…like I sad, I wasn’t prepared for anything exciting so I didn’t have our camera with me :)