Pictures from the Weekend


      ^^^trying to channel socality Barbie ;) haha! 

this past weekend was a good one! in between conference sessions, we went to our local farmer’s market for the last time and took koda to memory grove! it was such a pretty fall day! riley even got to go to the priesthood session that night with his friend Ivan. On sunday, we watched more conference and went to the afternoon session (our last one while living here!). it was so nice to be there! we even ran into a guy in line who just came home from the same mission as bryce! i didn’t really know what to say to him but he did say that most missionaries that speak english will make it to belize! sunday night we went to our good friends Ivan and Clair’s house for dinner and games! koda had a blast playing in the backyard with the kids as they sprayed him with the hose ;) he whined every time they went inside the house because he didn’t want to stop playing!

we know we should be spending every free moment packing and cleaning but we have felt like it’s even more important to spend time with our friends before we go! friends are the best things we have here in utah! i have also decided that our halloween decorations will be the last things to come down and the first things to go up in our new place haha! cheers for making it half way through the week people!

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