My Birthday Weekend!

riley did such a good job at spoiling me this year for my birthday! we went to the RSL game, went to the state fair, and went to a hot spring in midway! he even took me to brunch (my favorite meal of the day) and got me the best birthday present ever: the haugen creative videography workshop!! i can’t wait to dive into it!!

on saturday, we ate at the mellow mushroom in sugar house. it was de-licious. seriously, i can’t stop thinking about that thai pizza! riley’s sister and husband have season tickets for the rsl games and gave us their tickets for saturday night (thanks delaney and kyle!). they were playing the la galaxy and totally killed them 3-0! it was also the record attendance! woo!

^^^mexican corn, caramel apples, and fried food!

 after face-timing my mom on sunday, we went to the state fair. we seriously scored because we got free tickets to this too! we rode our new scooter over (we live just a couple blocks away!) and had fun petting farm animals, watching a seriously funny comedy show, and eating fried food. i mean, fairs were made for fried oreos, right?! we also tried fried nutella which is now my new favorite. we’re not really into riding fair rides i guess….i only go for the food :)

on monday, riley let me sleep in as long as i wanted to and then we went to the original pancake house for brunch! it’s nothing fancy but we just discovered it and also discovered how amazing the menu is! i got the pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips and riley got the sourdough pancakes with blueberries. this is my new favorite breakfast place! there are so many more things we want to try on the menu!

then, we checked out the homestead crater hot springs in midway! midway is such a weird, random, and cute little town! the hot spring was so relaxing and a little creepy because it’s in a huge hole/cave/crater in the ground and you can’t see the bottom. we met an awesome couple who were visiting from australia and we ended up chatting with them the whole time! i loved it! p.s. this is also a fun adventure to add to your winter bucket list!

Seriously, if that isnt a good birthday weekend, then I don’t know what is! Thanks for everything Riley!!

it’s friday! what fun plans does everyone have for this weekend? i’m going to be busy working…yay! ;)