Little Dates #13: Ziplining and Tubing!

Riley loves birthdays. he thinks everyone’s birthday should be individual national holidays so that you never have to work on your birthday! i don’t love birthdays because it seems like a lot of the time they don’t work out the way you hoped they would. since marrying riley, i’ve learned how important his birthday is and that it can’t be looked over! so, this year, i made sure to make riley’s 25th birthday a big deal! i surprised him with tickets to the new zipline at sundance as well as a tubing trip down the provo river! we’ve always talked about doing both of these so riley’s birthday was the perfect excuse to splurge! plus we had to do it before it starts getting too cold!

the zipline was so awesome! riley kept saying all day how fun it was! then when we got home, he looked up a bunch of ziplines around the world. i think we’re going to be zipline junkies now! i was a little surprised that i wasn’t nervous at all! it was such a blast flying 500 feet above the ground! 

tubing down the river was actually hilarious. the current was pretty strong and it would push us to the sides of the river every so often and we would slam into it and have to kick off. there was one spot we had to jump out with the tubes to avoid some bridges. we were getting back into our tube and riley decided to jump into his to end up sitting in it perfectly. i told him that was an absolutely stupid idea and that he should just walk in and sit down nicely. but no, he had to did it. and the tube immediately flipped over, making riley flip over into the freezing water! haha! it was so funny and i loved saying “i told you so!” i’m not sure if he was trying to impress the old ladies or what but it definitely made me laugh! There was also a point when Riley was helping those ladies lift their raft over a fence and one lady ended up flattened under the raft on the ground! I thought it was the funniest thing but apparently no one else did! Whoops! 

my friend let me borrow her go pro, so we got some fun pictures and videos!


it was such a fun day with my best friend! Thanks for the adventures, Riley!