Goodbye Summer 2015!

i’m pretty sure every summer i say that it was my favorite summer ever, but this one was seriously one for the books! we did so many fun things and were lucky to go on a lot of trips. i can’t believe how many new places we visited!

i’ve blogged about most of our summer so far but there is a lot i don’t want to forget about. Plus I have a 5,000 pictures on my phone that will be lost to limbo if I don’t post them somewhere! So, here are some of my favorite memories from this summer!

It was automatically a great summer because I went home to California twice! Last summer I didn’t go home at all! This was a big summer for my family. My brother went through the temple which was really special that me and Riley were able to be there.

My family was together for 7/11…free slurpees!

Went to Alice Lane’s Wonderland opening with some of my cute girlfriends! Riley even came with me too :)

I’m so grateful Riley and Bryce have become close buds. They both love building sand castles and I loved watching them do it. It was hilarious how into it they were! :)

Bryce brought the tiniest towel to the beach and it made me laugh so hard seeing him laying on it haha!

On our way back to Utah from California, we stopped at the Fractured Prune in St George! These are the drop dead best donuts on the planet that I discovered in Delaware a few years ago. I like to take one bite out of all of them before deciding which one to eat ;)

Me and Bryce got to go to our friend’s wedding in Thousand Oaks! We became friends with the high school sweethearts through dance and church. They are so cute! It was fun to see and catch up with a ton of people from high school!

  Bryce in this outfit…he is so weird and I love it! And cute cousin mackenna on the monkey bars!

I went to Waffle House for the first time in Florida and it was pretty dang good! Even if I was car sick and food sounded awful haha.

One day, we found this baby bird outside our apartment laying in the sun! We gave it some water and seeds and watched it until it’s mama came for it! Just call us the animal rescuers. How do you think we ended up with our cat? ;)

as well as being fun and magical, this summer was also a tough one! it feels like so much change happened and that almost everyone we love moved away from utah! my sister got married and moved to the east coast, our friends chelsey and sean moved to omaha for med school, my good friend olivia moved back home, and my brother left on a two year mission! it’s a good thing so many fun things happened this summer or else i would have been seriously depressed!

The only reason I’m okay with saying goodbye to summer every year is because fall is right around the corner! I can already feel it! I am even tempted to bring out our Halloween box of decorations…but maybe I should wait another couple of weeks ;)

Happy Labor Day friends!